Free arrival by train, tram and bus


Full integration of public transport

All participants in the Marathon benefit from free travel on 2nd class public transport to Zurich Enge and back via GA area routes via the usual route including transfer Zurich HB – Zurich Wollishofen.


  • The personal promo code to purchase the ticket will be sent by e-mail shortly before the event. This promo code can be used to purchase a free public transport ticket for the return journey in 2nd class at

  • The ticket is valid for 4 days. Before purchasing the ticket, the day of arrival and return must be determined (within the 4 days). The first possible day of arrival is 20 April 2023.

  • Important: On the outward journey, the public transport ticket is only valid in combination with the registration confirmation. On the return journey, the registration confirmation or start number must also be presented in addition to the ticket.

Detailed information:

Partial integration of public transport

All participants in the Halfmarathon and City Run benefit from free travel in all zones of the Zurich Transport Authority in 2nd class. For the outward journey on the day of the competition, the confirmation of registration or the bip numbe is valid as a ticket. The bip number must be shown on the return journey. A personal ID or a personal public transport subscription is also required for the outward and return journeys. (e.g. SwissPass).

Arrival start / finish area all categories



Quaibrücke Zurich (all categories)


Mythenquai (Marathon/Cityrun)

Here you find:

  • Clothes depot

  • Finish line

  • Information booth

  • Cloakrooms / showers (Mythenquai bathing establishment)

  • Food stalls

  • Ranking wall

  • Award ceremony stage

Public transportation 

To get to the start, SBB and ZVV recommend taking the S-Bahn via Zurich Enge and Wollishofen stations. From both stations, the start area and the clothing depot can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot. The trams and buses around the running course run before and during the Zurich Marathon partly on different routes than usual and certain lines are not offered at times.

You can find the best connection with the current timetable a few weeks before the Zurich Marathon online at and

Arriving by car

There are no parking spaces available. Due to the road closures we recommend you use public transportation.

Runners Experience Week & bip-number issue



coming soon…

Public transport 

  • coming soon…


Here you find:

  • Runners Experience Week with many highlights for all runners

  • Bib number issuance

  • Issue Goodie-Bag (is also the drop-off bag for the clothing depot)

  • Issue of the Runners Shirt (all categories)

  • Information desk

Arriving by car

There are no parking spaces available.

Plan your journey

by public transport