Terre des hommes

Run with your heart!
Support children with congenital heart defects with your run.

Every year, Terre des hommes cares for more than 200 children who cannot be operated on in their home country.
They suffer from complex diseases for which an operation in their country of origin is temporarily impossible due to a lack of the necessary expertise or the quality of hospital equipment. The girls and boys, who often suffer from congenital heart defects, are treated and operated on in cooperation with the hospitals in Geneva and Lausanne. Since our foundation, almost 14,000 children have been saved from diseases that would have condemned them to die.

In collaboration with Swiss university hospitals, Terre des hommes organises missions to diagnose, treat and operate on sick children in their home countries. In parallel, these missions strengthen the skills of local health workers, especially through training in new medical techniques.

Learn more about Terre des hommes' touching work and specialised care programme here.

How it works:

Running with your heart at the Zurich Marathon

Before the race:

• You select the option: "Run for a good cause" when you register.

• You will receive an e-mail from Terre des hommes.
• You now create your own fundraising campaign on the app set up by Tdh and look for sponsors to support your cause.

• You will receive a Terre des hommes accessory to wear during the run.

During the run:

• To stand out from the other runners, it would be cool if you ran with an accessory that symbolises life and/or childhood.
  (e.g. in bright colours, with a soft toy, etc.).

You are now an official runner with a heart!

Your donation will help support more children and their treatment!

You will receive all the information and details directly from Terre des hommes.

Would you like to register for "Run with your Heart" retroactively? Contact info@zuerichmarathon.ch