How can I transfer a starting place?
All participants will receive a personal e-mail after confirmation. You can contact info(at) and rewrite the starting place for a fee of 10.00 or you can bring this confirmation email from the previously registered person to the start number issue and have the race result Trouble Desk rewrite the starting position for a fee of CHF 10.00.

Where do I drop my transponder after the race?

There are transponders integrated in the start number which do not have to be handed in after the race.


Is there a guarantee for the desired T-shirt size?

No, unfortunately we cannot give a guarantee here.

I lost my Race Result confirmation or postage receipt? How can I still get my start number?

All participants will receive a personal e-mail after confirmation. Please be sure to bring this confirmation e-mail to get your start number.


I did not receive a confirmation email? How should I proceed?
Maybe you did not specify an e-mail address when registering, or you have a new e-mail address now; therefore the e-mail could not be sent. Please send us an e-mail to info(at) and let us know your current e-mail address. 

Are late entries still possible after the registration deadline?
No, late entries are not possible.

Can I cancel a paid place with a medical certificate and get the money back?
No, see section Regulations.

Can I take out insurance in case I cannot start?
Yes, with the online registration (Race Result) a cancellation insurance can be taken out. You can find the general conditions of insurance at the online registration. 

My address has changed; where do I communicate this for the change to be made in the start list?
Send us an e-mail to info(at)


Is the Zurich Marathon route the same course as at the 2014 European Championships in Zurich?
No, see section Route & Plans.


Competition rules at the Zurich Marathon

This competition regulation is an integral part of the contract between the organiser and the participant. The organiser decides on the interpretation of the provisions of these regulations and is entitled to change them.


1. Competition

1.1 The event will be conducted in the categories listed. Anyone who has reached the statutory age is eligible to start.


Marathon –> U20 (at least 18 years old)
Cityrun –> U16 (at least 14 years old)
Teamrun 5 km –> U14 (at least 12 years old)

1.2 The time limit is 5:30 hours (net time measurement) in the marathon, 75 minutes (net time measurement) in the Cityrun and 5:23 hours (net time measurement) in the team run.

Participants who do not reach the finish within the given time will not be classified.

1.3 The track was measured according to the Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS).

1.4 Timing is done by transponder. The transponder is integrated in the start number (all categories) and does not have to be returned after the run.

1.5 The instructions of the route service are to be strictly obeyed. Private escorts of runners on foot, with bicycles or the like are not allowed. Shortcuts and other unauthorised aids are not permitted. Those who do not complete the course according to the route plan and start before the official start will be disqualified. The Technical Management of the Organizing Committee will make final decisions on disqualifications.

1.6 There is a general ban on driving throughout the entire course.

1.7 From kilometre 3.5, refreshment stands are set up every 3.5 kilometres. Private persons may not provide nourishment.

1.8 All runners who reach the finish within the given time limit (net timekeeping) receive the Finisher Medal from their run. Marathon runners also receive the exclusive Finisher-Shirt. All Cityrun runners receive a starter shirt at the start number issue, which must be worn on the run.

2. Registration

2.1 Registration can be made via the Internet. Registrations by phone or e-mail will not be accepted.

2.2 The organiser reserves the right to disqualify participants at any time without reimbursement of the participant's amount if they either provided false personal data when registering, in any way violate the regulations, or if the athlete is suspected of having consumed unauthorised substances (doping) before going to the start.

2.3 If a participant does not start as a result of illness with or without a medical certificate, any claim for reimbursement of the entry fee will be cancelled. By presenting a valid medical certificat there is the option of claiming a voucher in the amount of the amount paid for the following year. Incorrect duplicate online applications will not be refunded, but entitle you to a free start to the Zurich Marathon in the following year.

In this case, the medical certificat must be submitted to info(at) within 1 month after the event.


2.4 The starting place can be changed at info(at) for a fee of CHF 10 excl. the surcharge on the change of a more expensive category. The order of the team member, which will be stated at the registration, is binding. For the transcriptions 10 CHF will be charged.

The starting place can be changed at the startingnumber Issue with the registration confirmation for a fee of 20 CHF.

2.5 Cancellation insurance for the paid entry fee can be completed on request via In case of illness or accident, the insured (upon presentation of a medical certificate) will receive the paid entry fee as a refund from ZH Marathon GmbH. In this case, the medical certificat must be submitted to info(at) within 1 month after the event.


2.6 If the race cannot or only partly be carried out due to force majeure, extraordinary risks or official order, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.



3. Liability


3.1 Participants take part in the Zurich Marathon / Teamrun and Cityrun at their own risk and under their own responsibility. The organiser and its partners are not responsible for accidents or illnesses. The participants are responsible for appearing well trained and physically healthy at the start.

3.2 Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. Every participant must be insured against an accident.

3.3 The organiser also declines all liability towards spectators and third parties.

3.4 The organiser assumes no liability for objects stored free of charge.

3.5  I assure not having any Covid-19 symtoms and not have been tested positively during the past two months.

3.6  I assure to comply with all organizational and public protective measures, as well as with the Race Booklet,
       the contents of which I have fully understood.

3.7 The organizer excludes any liability with regard to a Covid-19 infection resulting from the participation in the race.


4. Doping control

For this competition the current doping statute of the Swiss Olympic applies. Doping controls can be carried out. Athletes submit to Swiss Olympic Anti-Doping Rules and recognise the exclusive responsibilities of the Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Commission for Doping and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne, excluding the ordinary courts (Doping list).




5. Privacy Policy


The following provisions apply to the collection and use of your personal information when conducting our running event.

5.1 What data do we work on?
For the correct registration and execution of our running event you have to fill in the fields marked with an * in the registration form. You have the option to register additional persons. In this case, we are entitled to assume that you may pass on the data of this person to us. You are voluntarily indicating your mobile phone number or your e-mail address for the delivery of information in connection with the event. In the case of an online registration, the specification of the e-mail address is mandatory, as we need it for the confirmation and possible questions.

5.2 Management of your personal data
For the organization of the running event as well as for the electronic storage and administration of your data, we cooperate with external specialised companies. These companies process your personal information on our behalf.

5.3 Agreement to data processing
By registering, you agree to the publication of your name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, starting number, competition time and rank in the start and ranking lists of the event. This consent applies to the publication on the Internet, in print media, on TV as well as via teletext as well as for the posting of lists and speaker announcements. The photos and film footage made in connection with our running event may be used without compensation claims on TV, Internet, own advertising material, magazines and books.


I agree that the data in my application can be used for the purpose of the event and sponsors. I assure the correctness of my information. Advice to data protection law: Your data will berecorded automatically!


Without written notice to us (to the e-mail or postal address given below) up to one week before the event your personal data like name and first name, private address (street,  post code and city) date of birth, telephone number - and e-mail address may be used by partners (e.g. photo and video services) for services or Promotional and  then promotions (exclusively for the sponsor SWICA) purposes and on request to sponsors for specific addresses in connection with the running event. 


5.4 Further information and contact
For additional information about privacy, we refer you to our detailed privacy policy. If you have any questions, please contact us under

ZH Marathon Ltd,Uetlibergstrasse 111, 8045 Zürich  or info(at)


6. Organization
6.1 Organiser of the 18th Zurich Marathon is the ZH Marathon Ltd.

6.2 Jurisdiction is Zurich.

6.3 Changes of the organiser are reserved.

Status as per: July 2020

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