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After your 10th Zurich Marathon you will enjoy a new membership in our anniversary club!

All Jubilee Club members in the overview.

You are not on the Jubiclub list although you have already broken the 10 mark? Or do you think the number of marathon participations is incorrect? Then please contact us so that we can check this:


As a member you benefit from the following advantages:​

  • Golden start number

  • Separate clothes depot

  • Jubilee Club Tent in the Finish Village

  • A functional Gift 

We look forward to welcoming you to the club soon, so make sure you join us.


31 runners are contenders for 20 marathon entries on 23.04.23. Of these, 2 are women and 29 are men.

Did you know that...

  • ...Leserf, our oldest jubilarian, was born in 1938 and Rita, our oldest jubilarian, is 8 years younger?

  • ...Roman, our youngest jubilarian born in 1993, has already taken part in the Zurich Marathon 11 times?

  • ...Markus and Thomas seem to be typical runners' names? They have already been in the Jubiclub 16 times each.


Love is in the air:

  • In the anniversary club there are 8 couples: Karin & Roland , Katja & Thomas, Corinne & Martin, Christine & Markus, Anna & Fridolin, Franz & Fränzi, Tina & Anders, Ruth & Bernhard

16 flights to Zurich cost...

  • René lives in beautiful Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden ... do you collect air miles?

Double Lotto:

  • A Simon Baumann appears twice! Do you know each other?

Politicians are also running:

  • Thomas Heiniger started already 14th time.

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