Running course – Zurich Marathon Preparation

To prepare for the Zurich Marathon, we recommend the following preparation courses:


Running Community: Adidas Runners Zurich

Full Body Workout

The adidas Runners follow a holistic training approach based on four pillars: MINDSET, NUTRITION, EXERCISE and REGENERATION. In addition, there is the subject of EQUIPMENT as a fifth pillar.


From HIIT sessions to runs with coaches, from muscle building to endurance training - we offer a wide range of ways our adidas runners can bring MOVEMENT into their lives.



Adidas Runners Zurich


Running series: ZKB ZüriLaufCup

Running series Zurich

The attractive platform for all passionate hobby athletes who enjoy running and nature.


At 11 races in the canton of Zurich you can run your personal best under competitive conditions and experience interesting encounters.


These races are good advanced training for bigger challenges. The Zurich Marathon “Cityrun” is part of the ZKB ZüriLaufCups.



ZKB ZüriLaufCup


Home Workout: Athletic training

Athletic training

DIGITAL BURN EXPRESS® is the unique combination of strength, endurance and interval and makes your muscles burn. After an hour of DIGITAL BURN EXPRESS®, your body behaves like an extinguished fire, the embers of which burn for a long time - the afterburn effect is incomparably large.


Simply take part in a zoom meeting on the desired date (Monday or Wednesday from 7.15 p.m. to 8 p.m.).



Digital Burn Express


Club: Züri rännt

Runners Meetingpoint
  • Duration: All year, free ascent

  • Number of training per week 3 – 4  individually selectable

  • Distances in training: weekdays 8 - 10 km, sundays 15 - 35 km 

  • Start-finish: Zürich (changing places according to announcement)

  • Focus: endurance runs at speed of
    +/- 6 min/km (10 km/h)

  • Level: intermediate to advanced for longer distances

  • Price: free

  • Extras: Led by experienced Zurich Marathon participants (10km, Teamrun 42.195 km)

  • Register under: free participation

  • Miscellaneous: Open group of runners, which is also suitable for competition beginners.



Robert Peterhans


Club: LAC TV Unterstrass

Runner Course
  • Duration: January–April

  • Number of training per week: 3-4

  • Distances in training: 10 - 34 km 

  • Start-finish: Sihlhölzli, sports complex, long endurance runs on Saturday on various tracks around Zurich.

  • Focus: Structured Marathon Training

  • Level: Advanced to very good runners. No beginners.

  • Price: CHF 400.–

  • Extras: Conconitest and 2 lectures are included in the price. The CHF 400.– will be credited towards a membership in the LAC TV Unterstrass.




Matthias Kuster


Club: SSC Sihltaler Sportclub

Running & Nordicwalking
  • Duration: Every Wednesday evening

  • Number of training per week: 1-4

  • Distances in training: 8-15 km 

  • Start-finish: Turnhalle/Gemeindehaus Schwerzi in Langnau am Albis (Near Tierpark Langnau a./A.) Start at 19.00 Uhr

  • Focus: Endurance run, interval, tempo runs, driving games

  • Level: From comfortable to very fast

  • Price: 90 CHF

  • Extras: Annual membership, including free club events. Tuesday Runs at 09.00 am, are also possible.

  • Miscellaneous: Weekly program with various sports



Roman Gehrig



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The Zurich Marathon is now available in the SMATCH APP!


With this app you can easily find new runners in your area to train together for the Zurich Marathon.



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