Teamrun procedure


The route plans and plans for the transition zones for downloading and printing can be found here.

The changes take place in the designated areas by transferring the transponder. Those who do not hand it over in the prescribed transition zones will be disqualified.

1st runner:
8 km from the start up to change zone 1 on General -Guisan Quai, Zurich. The split time is measured before the handover. The transfer must take place in the transition zones.


2nd runner:
12,7 km from the transition zone 1 n General -Guisan Quai, Zurich up to the transition zone 2 Erlenbach angle. The split time is measured before the transition zone. The transfer takes place on the right side of the street (parking lot). The handover must take place in the parking lot.


3rd runner:
4.0 km from transition zone 2 Erlenbach Winkel, up to the transition zone 3 miles. Get off the train at the "Winkel, Zürichsee" stop. The split time is measured before the transition zone. The handover takes place on the right side of the road on Seestrasse. The handover must take place in the transition zones.


4th runner:
17.5 km from the transition zone 3 Meilen up to the destination, Zurich Enge harbour dam. The finish for the teams is on the right side. The left side of the street is reserved for the marathon runners.


Time is not stopped in the transition zones!

Arranging and operating in the transition zone

NEW: Changeover zone 1 will now be located 600 m further on than before. Same location as the transition zone1. How the changeover zones work: The runners in the Teamrun enter the assembly zone. In the assembly zone start numbers will be called out (with the exception of changeover zone 1: not possible to call) for those runners who can enter the effective changeover box

(arranged by start number). The team members remain in the assembly zone until their number is called by the steward.

The changeover of the team start number must take place within the changeover zone. The changeover zones are all on the right-hand side of the street. The previous runners leave the changeover zone directly via the assembly zone.

ZHM Teamrun Wechselzone en.jpg

In order to simplify the search process for team members, the transition zones are divided into blocks of 100 according to start numbers: 101 - 1200. The starting runners should stand in the marked area corresponding to the start number in the respective transition zone. The runner who has already completed his course can hand over the transponder to the next runner in this area. 

Clothing delivery in the changing areas 

There is no room in the changing zone for the delivery of clothes. These are not guarded either. No clothes to leave in the transition area! Come to Lost and Found. Therefore, the garment bag has to be handed over to the respective team mates in the transition zone. 

Example: The runner of the 2nd course hands over the garment bag in the transition zone to the runner of the 1st course. The runner of the 3rd course hands over the garment bag to the runner of the 2nd course. Since the start and finish for the 1st runner is close to the clothing depot, the garment bag can be handed in there. 

Time Recording / Bib Number

Each team member gets his own bib number, which is worn in front. In addition, each team receives a team- bib number with an integrated transponder which is used for time recording. The team- bib number must be attached to the bib number belt (carried on the back) and is handed over to each runner in the changeover zones! The time recording is not stopped in the changeover zones. NO starting numbers or transponders have to be returned at the finish. 


Meeting point / common finish

The meeting point for the four runners is between General-Wille-Strasse and Breitingerstrasse. From here, the teams are allowed to run together to the Teamrun finish line. The team will receive all four medals at the finish. The Teamrun and the Zurich Marathon have separate finishing areas.

Team Stock Exchange

Are you missing a squad member in the team or are you looking for a starting position in a team? The relay exchange helps you in your search. Here you can offer yourself as a runner or register your team.