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Zurich Marathon gives you the choice: partial refund or donation

29th September 2020, Zürich – Thanks to the great solidarity of the partners, sponsors and potential donations by participants, you can reclaim 30% of the entry fee. Zurich Marathon has suffered a significant financial loss from the cancellation. It remains unclear whether the Confederation will contribute towards the costs.


Cancelling an event gives rise to a wide range of emotions in both the organisation and participants. In recent weeks we have received a large number of your messages and communications across various channels. Meanwhile, we have been beavering away in the background, working intensively to find a solution to enable Zurich Marathon to continue and find a reasonable approach in terms of refunds. As a profession race organisation, we have a core team working all year round to deliver Zurich Marathon. Our biggest goal is always to deliver a top-quality event and ensure that you, the participant, can run safely and happily towards your goal. Putting on Zurich Marathon is challenging and involves complex logistics. We engage with countless global and local partners and have binding contracts and collaborative agreements in place. Furthermore, prior to the marathon we made significant investments in terms of promotional and planning costs, advance payments for infrastructure, hire costs, insurance, association fees, administrative costs and social benefits – and, of course, staff.

The ban on events due to COVID-19 has resulted in a considerable loss for our Zurich Marathon. As an organisation, we depend on the solidarity of all those affected. The majority of our suppliers, partners and sponsors have pledged their solidarity and offered concessions. For this reason, we can offer you the following two options regarding your entry booked for 2020 – even though, in the event of a cancellation due to force majeure and by order of the authorities, the regulations do not provide for any refund:

  • donate your entry fee to support Zurich Marathon and receive a voucher for 20% off entry to the next Zurich Marathon in 2021 (

  • receive a refund of 30% of the entry fee.


A full refund is not possible, since a large proportion of the costs has already been incurred. There is still no clarity as to whether the Confederation will contribute to the costs, and no decision is expected on this in the near future.


The regulations state that, in the event of force majeure or a decree by the authorities, no refund shall be due where the event is cancelled. The organiser of Zurich Marathon and its partners and sponsors have been able to draw up a solution in recent weeks, however, in which up to a third of the entry fee can be reclaimed. This is considerably more than is stipulated within the regulations.


Furthermore, the date of the 2021 edition of Zurich Marathon has already been announced: 25 April 2021.

Should, contrary to expectations, Zurich Marathon 2021 not be able to take place, we guarantee to transfer your registration to 2022.


Participants will now be contacted directly over the next few days.


Will additional options booked also be refunded?
Yes, any backpacks ordered will be posted to those who ordered them.
The basic fee, excl. administrative costs and cancellation fee, will be refunded.

What is the process for refunds?
Participants will be contacted individually via an email from Race Result requesting their bank details. In addition, we are sending all participants a newsletter.

Not received an email regarding the refund?

If you have not received an email from us this may be due to the following reasons:

  • The email has landed in your spam folder. Please check your email account again.

  • We have a different email address for you. You may have several email addresses, or you may have been registered by another person or by a group; the message will have been sent to the email addressed used to register you.

  • You had a free place. The email has only been sent to those who have a claim to a partial refund. You will not receive a message regarding the refund if you won your race entry in a competition, you were invited to participate, or if you received a place through one of the event’s partners or sponsors.

When will the repayment be made?
The “Refund” option must be selected at the latest by 30 November 2020, after which time you will lose any claim to repayment.
The administrative processing of refunds is a major challenge for our accounts team. The refunds will take longer than usual, and we ask for your understanding in this respect. The refund will be sent via bank transfer. It is not possible to make cash payments or offset against the fees for 2021 due to logistical reasons.

What will happen to the medals and start numbers?
The medals will be recycled and reused.

Has Zurich Marathon taken out event cancellation insurance?
Zurich Marathon holds event cancellation insurance that includes force majeure (storm, terror attack, etc.), however it excludes pandemics.

Will the qualifying times be retained for 2021?
Participants retain their qualifying time for a starting block for two years. Since the race could not take place in 2020 this will be extended by a year. This means that the results of the 2018 and 2019 Zurich Marathons will be taken into consideration for Zurich Marathon 2021.

Timeline Zürich Marathon

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