The start of the 18th Zurich Marathon takes place on Saturday the 26th of April, at 08:30am at the Mythenquai. About two hours later the last runners will leave the city, at the train station Tiefenbrunnen, towards the turning point in Meilen. Meanwhile the elite will already be on the way back, close to the city boundary at Zollikofen.


Cityrun & Teamrun

The start for the 11th Teamrun takes place at the Mythenquai at 08:30am. The 9th Cityrun also starts at the Mythenquai at 08:30am. The course of the Cityrun will lead over Seefeld to Downtown Zurich, along several points of interests to the inner city. No cars, no public transportations, so the runners are allowed full bent and can enjoy the run.


Along the course


The spectators have various food options along the route, from breakfast to late lunch, sweet or salty, hot or cold. At the General Guisan Quai and the Bürkliplatz - with a speaker updating you and the runners passing by six times – everyone will find something to eat.


1          Softmarex                                  Soft-Ice, Crêpes, Churros, Magenbrot


2          Hotel Trümpy                            Original Berliner Currysausage, Steak-Sandwiches                    

3          MonCook                                      Khuushuur (Mongolisch), Tsuivan (Mongolisch)      


4          Chalet Chuchichäschtli Schwiizer Chuchi          


5          Shangrila Tibetan Rest           Diverse Momo    


6          Yam-Yam                                       Homemade Fries, Pita with Pork Belly,Pita with Chicken, Pita with Haloumi                                                            

7          Aegerikiosk GmbH                     Ice Cream, sweet and salty Crêpes 

8          Bratorama                                   Sausage, French fries, Nuggets

9          Süss&Salzig                               NYC Hotdogs, NYC Hotdogs vegan, Fries diverse, Nuggets divers

10        Lobsang Momos                          Vegetarien Momos


11        Jungle AG                                      Energy-Smoothie, Protein-Smoothie, Green-Juice, Coconut Water

12        SWIPF GmbH                                CHEEBAB - The Swiss Chefs Kebab    


13        M&S Crêpes                                   Crêpes

Bellvue and Quaibrücke

The Bellvue and the Quaibrücke will be passed four times. On this spectacular route section, everyone will be satisfied by the diversity of foods and drinks.



The first time passing by the Paradeplatz, the runners will still be energetic, but the second time they already mastered 39km and will need the spectators supporting and cheering.

At the Talstrasse you can watch the runners at the food station, where over 10’000 drinks will be handed out every 20 minutes.



Various live bands will take care for great atmosphere along the course. The rhythms and sounds will offer entertainment, not only for the spectators but also for the runners. Along the route from the Mythenquai, where the start and finish is located, to the turning point Meilen, over 25 bands and groups will perform for the spectators and athletes.




The elite reaches an average speed of about 20 km/h, while the last ones have an average of about 7.5 km/h.


Way out of town

Start Zurich Marathon     08:30am

Uhr Start Teamrun           08:30am

Start Cityrun                      08:30am

Innenstadt von Zurich      08:30am – 10:00am

Finish Cityrun                    09:10am – 09:55am

Tiefenbrunnen                   09:10am – 10:15am

Erlenbach                           09:30am – 11:00am

Turning point in Meilen     09:40am – 12:00pm

Way back

Erlenbach                           10:00am – 12:30pm

Tiefenbrunnen                   10:20am – 13:30pm

Inner city of Zurich            10:25am – 14:00pm

Finish                                  10:40am – 14:00pm


In contrast to the athletes from the Cityrun, the runners of the Marathon and the Teamrun have not reached the turning point at Seefeld. Along the Seestrasse the spectators have the possibility to see the leaders as well as the tail-end running by twice, between 09:00am and 01:00pm. The audience from Zurich can enjoy a sporty spring festival among friends at the waterside of lake Zurich and cheers up the brave athletes.


Big Marathon festival

The runners will pass by the start and finish area at the harbor Enge three times, at the start, at about 10km and for finishing the run. Between start and finish times there will be numerous activities entertaining all generations from 07:00am to 03:00pm.

  • Kids paradise of Zurcher Kantonalbank

  • Pavilion with food corner

  • Finish of the run with band and dancers

  • Partner stand with exciting activities

  • Massage service PPrivate Clinic Bethanien


Runners have right of way

The downtown of Zurich will be closed between 08:00am and 03:00pm and from the city borders Zurich to Meilen, the Seestrasse will be closed until 02:30pm. There won’t be any possibilities for parking.


For this Sunday, 26th of April, we recommend using public transports. Nevertheless, there will be some restrictions as well, due to this mega event. Following Tram lines are affected by the Marathon: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 as well as these Bus lines: 161, 165, 910, 912.


Cheer on friends

Every runner will receive his ranking and time for free by SMS after the run, sponsored by the Zürcher Kantonalbank. On the start list all the times of friends are accessible. Further interesting information and pictures will be found shortly after the race on Facebook. The Infopoint is located at the start and finishing area and serves as a meeting point for athletes and friends.


Award ceremony

For all the finishers of the Marathon, Teamrun and Cityrun 10’000 medals will be ready and all the finishers will be celebrated by the spectators. The best athletes will be honored vis-à-vis of the pavilion at the Hafendamm Enge:


10:15 am Cityrun

11:00 am Zurich Marathon Elite

11:15 am Marathon Swiss Championship

13:15 pm Zurich cantonal Championship Marathon

01:30 pm Teamrun

02:00 pm Zurich Marathon all categories


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