Zürich Marathon LIVE

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The start of the 20th Zurich Marathon will be at 8.00 a.m. on Sunday, 23 April 2023, at on the "Quaibrücke". Around two hours will pass before the last runners leave the city after 12 kilometres at Tiefenbrunnen station in the direction of the Meilen turning point. At this point, the front runners will already be approaching the city limits again in Zollikon.


The start for the half marathon is at 11.00 a.m. on the Quaibrücke. They run along Lake Zurich in the direction of Meilen, where after a few kilometres they make their way back via the turnaround point towards Innendstadt and then the finish. The finish line after 21.1 kilometres is at Hafendamm Enge.



The start for the Züri Cityrun 10k is at 02:00 p.m. on the "Quaibrücke". The running course of the Cityrun leads via Seefeld to the city centre and thus past the Zurich sights into the city centre. No cars, no public transport and therefore free way and running pleasure guarantee!


The elite reaches an average speed of about 20 km/h, while the last ones have an average of about 7.5 km/h.

March table marathon // March table half marathon // March table cityrun     


08.00 a.m. Start Marathon

10.05 a.m. First finish of marathon
11.00 a.m. Start Halfmarathon

01.00 p.m. First finish of halfmarathon

02.00 p.m. Start Cityrun

02.30 p.m. First finish Cityrun

Along the course

Along the running course in the area of Bürkliplatz and General-Guisan-Quai, spectators can enjoy a variety of refreshments from breakfast to snack: whether sweet or salty, hot or cold, at General-Guisan-Quai and at Bürkliplatz, where the speaker informs about the course of the race and the runners pass by several times, there is certainly something for every taste.


Bild Aussenstände.jpg

Various live bands will take care for great atmosphere along the course. The rhythms and sounds will offer entertainment, not only for the spectators but also for the runners. Their rhythms and sounds not only provide good entertainment for the audience, but also create a euphoric atmosphere and a bit of moral tailwind for the runners at the right locations. More than 20 bands and music groups will play for the spectators and athletes along the route.

Bürkliplatz & Bellvue

Bürkliplatz and Bellevue will be crossed several times. For the public, the various food and drink stalls on this spectacular section of the route on the General-Guisan-Quai will ensure that nothing is left to be desired.



The first time passing by the Paradeplatz, the runners will still be energetic, but the second time they already mastered 39km and will need the spectators supporting and cheering.

Big Marathon festival

The runners will pass by the start and finish area at the harbor Enge three times, at the start, at about 10km and for finishing the run. Between start and finish times there will be numerous activities entertaining all generations from 07:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

  • Pavilion with food corner

  • Finish of the run with band and dancers

  • Partner stand with exciting activitie

Runners have right of way

The downtown of Zurich will be closed between 06:00am and 18:00pm and from the city borders Zurich to Meilen, the Seestrasse will be closed until 02:00pm. There won’t be any possibilities for parking.


For this Sunday, 10th of April, we recommend using public transports. Nevertheless, there will be some restrictions as well, due to this mega event. Following Tram lines are affected by the Marathon: 2, 5, 7, 9 and 13 as well as these Bus lines: 33, 161, 165, 916.

Cheer on friends

On the start list all the times of friends are accessible. Further interesting information and pictures will be found shortly after the race on Facebook. The Infopoint is located at the finishing area and serves as a meeting point for athletes and friends.

Award ceremony

For all the finishers of the Marathon, Halfmarathon and Cityrun, medals will be ready and all the finishers will be celebrated by the spectators. The best athletes will be honored at the finish village at Mythenquai.


Half marathon

10:45 Award Ceremony Halfmarathon Overall

followed by award ceremony halfmarathon age groups 


11:30 Award Ceremony Marathon Swiss Championship Overall Men & Women

followed by award ceremony Zurich Marathon Overall Men & Women

13:30 Award Ceremony Marathon Swiss Championship Age Groups 

followed by award ceremony Marathon Swiss Championship Teams

followed by award ceremony Zurich Marathon age groups 


15:15 Award ceremony Cityrun Overall

followed by award ceremony Cityrun age groups